The layer structure of the three models

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Lightweight concrete wall
aluminium foil
cellular concrete, 100mm 1 slice for calculation, 2.6% water
cellular concrete, 100mm 2 slices 2.6%
cellular concrete, 100mm 4 slices 2.6%
Lime mortar 10mm 2 slices 0.5%
cardboard 1mm 1 slice 8.5%
Air layer: R-I 0.13 R=m2.K/W Z=0.051 m2sGPa/kg

Wooden wall
pine 20mm five layers, 1 slice in each, 10.5 initial water weight%
paper 1 mm 9%

Brick wall
brick 3 layers of 110mm each, 0.3 wt% water, 1 slice in the two deepest layers, 2 in the outer layer
gypsum 10, 0.2%
paper 1mm, 6% water

Outside weather: constant 20C
Inside weather: constant 20C, 184 day square wave cycle, 70-30% RH


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