Contributions to the conference

Museum Microclimates

in Copenhagen, November 2007

Edited by Tim Padfield and Karen Borchersen

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Session 1 - The effect of the environment on artefacts

Applying science to the question of museum climate [Abstract][article]
David Erhardt, Charles S. Tumosa, Marion F. Mecklenburg

Micro climates and moisture induced damage to paintings [Abstract][article][presentation]
Marion F. Mecklenburg

Canvas paintings on cold walls: relative humidity differences near the stretcher [Abstract][article][presentation]
Frank J. Ligterink, Giovanna Di Pietro

Extending the useful life of paper - evaluation of the effect of various preservation actions [Abstract][article]
Aneta Balazic, Spela Habicht, Mateja Smodis, Jana Kolar, Matija Strlic

Warm feet and cold art: is this the solution? Polychrome wooden ecclesiastical art - Climate and dimensional changes [Abstract][article]
Tone M. Olstad, Annika Haugen

Museum Lighting: Its past and future development [Abstract][article]
James Druzik, Bent Eshøj

Insect damage as a function of climate [Abstract][article]
Robert E. Child

Session 2 - Measuring the environment

Impact of the environmental conditions on the conservation of metal artifacts: an evaluation using electrochemical techniques [Abstract][article]
Virginia Costa, Michel Dubus

Screening emission analyses of construction materials and evaluation of airborne pollutants in newly constructed display cases [Abstract][article]
Alexandra Schieweck, Doreen Markewitz , Tunga Salthammer

Dosimeters for microclimate indoor monitoring for cultural heritage[abstract][article]
Marianne Odlyha, Charis Theodorakopoulos, David Thickett, Morten Rhyl-Svendsen, Jonathan M. Slater, Roberto Campana

The SurveNIR project - a dedicated NEAR INFRA RED instrument for paper characterization [Abstract][article]
Matija Strlic, Jana Kolar, Dirk Andreas Lichtblau

Determination of response rates of wooden objects to fluctuating relative humidity in historic properties [Abstract][article]
Barry Knight, David Thickett

Session 3 - Using knowledge of the effects of climate:
surveying actual collections

A holistic appraisal of environmental conditions in The National Archives, UK [Abstract][article]
Kostas Ntanos, Nancy Bell

Investigation into impacts of large numbers of visitors on the collection environment at Our Lord in the Attic [Abstract][article]
Shin Maekawa, Bart Ankersmit, Edgar Neuhaus, Henk Schellen, Vincent Beltran, Foekje Boersma

Whats causing the damage! The use of a combined, solution-based risk assessment and condition audit [Abstract][article]
Claire Fry, Amber Xavier-Rowe, Frances Halahan, Jennifer Dinsmore

Applying the outcome of climate research in collection risk management - or a challenge to our research efforts [Abstract][article]
Agnes W. Brokerhof

Optimizing and documenting storage conditions at the National Museum of Denmark [Abstract][article][presentation]
James M. Reilly, Jesper Stub Johnsen, Lars Aasbjerg Jensen

Target microclimate for preservation derived from past indoor conditions [Abstract][article]
Lukasz Bratasz, Dario Camuffo, Roman Kozlowski

Dust in historic libraries[Abstract][article]
Helen Lloyd, Caroline Bendix, Peter Brimblecombe, David Thickett

Libraries and Archives in Historic Buildings [Abstract][article][presentation]
David Thickett, Seok-Joo Rhee, Sarah Lambarth

Why keep climate records - and how to keep them [Abstract][article]
Tim Padfield

Session 4 - Use of enclosure to control climate - the larger environment

Climate control in Danish churches [Abstract][article]
Poul Klenz Larsen

Managing external environments through preventive conservation: The investigation and control of environmentally-caused deterioration of decorative surfaces in the Marlborough Pavilion, Chartwell, Kent [Abstract][article]
Katy Lithgow, Tobit Curteis, Linda Bullock

Mould growth prediction by computational simulation [Abstract][article]
Martin Krus, Ralf Kilian, Klaus Sedlbauer

The potential and limits for passive air conditioning of museums, stores and archives [Abstract][article]
Tim Padfield, Poul Klenz Larsen, Lars Aasbjerg Jensen, Morten Ryhl-Svendsen

Problem-zone "Window" [Abstract][article][presentation]
Alfons Huber

Evaluation of the climate in a new shared storage facility using passive climate control [Abstract][article][presentation]
Michael Højlund Rasmussen

Sustainable passive climate control in developing countries: A case study at the National Museum of Art in Maputo, Mozambique [Abstract][article]
Lara Broecke

The role of air exchange rate and surface reaction rates on the air quality in museum storage buildings [Abstract][article]
Morten Ryhl-Svendsen

Session 5 - The showcase and picture frame

The Evolution of a conservation framing policy at Tate [Abstract][article][presentation]
Stephen Hackney

The benefits and disadvantages of adding silica gel to microclimate packages for panel paintings [Abstract][article]
Mervin Richard

The effect of air tightness on RH buffering and control [Abstract][article][presentation]
David Thickett, Phillip Fletcher, Andrew Calver, Sarah Lambarth

Museum showcases: specification and reality, costs and benefits [Abstract][article]
Siobhan Watts, David Crombie, Sonia Jones, Sally Ann Yates

The use of glass boxes to protect modern paintings in warm humid museums [Abstract][article][presentation]
Franciza Toledo, Magali Sehn, Mário Sousa Junior, Sérgio Brazolin, Stephen T. Hackney

Trends in microclimate control of display cases [Abstract][article]
Jerry Shiner

The good, the bad and the frustrating: Designing and implementing a climate control system at the Royal Ontario Museum [Abstract][article]
Helen Coxon

Summary and commentary at the end of the conference [presentation]
Marion Mecklenburg


PROPAINT (EU project FP6, 044254) Improved protection of paintings during exhibition, storage and transit
Grøntoft T., Dahlin, E. , Odlyha, M., Scharff M., Andrade, G., Mottner, P., Czop, J. & Colombini, P.

Dust -A method for sampling and analysing dust on museum objects
Maria-Louise Jacobsen

The Implementation of Preventive Conservation Measurements in German Museums and Collections
Alexandra Jeberien

Real time corrosion monitoring with automated corrosion loggers – end-user testing in the new collections centre of the swiss national museums
V. Hubert, T. Prosek & K. Doubravova

A presentation of a new experimental test method for humidity buffers – a comparison of two silica gels, artsorb and prosorb
Charlotta Bylund Melin

Collection storage environments in the national museum of denmark – the use of MyClimateData web-based information system.
Lars Aasbjerg Jensen & Jesper Stub Johnsen

Azoton™, a nitrogen climatic cabinet for the trans-port and safe storage of organic archaeological finds
Moraitou Georgianna, Loukopoulou Polytimi & Stamou Panagiotis

The action of the debasing factors on the woolen fabrics, fixed dye with mordants based on metals
Alina-Maria Garau

Preservation conditions of roman glass vessels of 1st century ad from Rhodes Island - Greece
Lampropoulos V., Kontonikoli M., Papadimitriou M. & Karampotsos A.

The historic and ethnographic art museum of Orestiada in Greece - Ars longa Vita brevis
Vasilios Lampropoulos and Dorota Nowacka

Incised ceramics (1650-1250 B.C.) - degradations caused by the microclimate in the storage area
Simona Violeta Gheorghe

Preventive conservation for exhibition - display and storage conditions of classical string instruments: The case of violins
Lampropoulos V., Kotsifakos I., Kontonikoli M. & Brass N..

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