Archaeological Conservation and its Consequences

A history of the techniques and ethics of conservation at the National Museum of Denmark through the last 150 years

A www version of the exhibition prepared for the IIC conference held in Copenhagen, August 1996

Some restoration methods used in the past are now seen to be directly damaging to the object. Conservators have, in the past, been much bolder in their reconstructions. On the other hand there are examples of ingenious adaptation of the chemical knowledge of the time which have saved objects which would otherwise have crumbled to dust. This exhibition is a respectful but critical appraisal of the evolution of the conservator's trade.

The exhibition was made by Eva Salomonsen, Kristiane Straetkvern and Irene Skals, with contributions by many colleagues, in particular Birthe Gottlieb (X-ray pictures) and John Lee (photographs). This www version of the exhibition is by Tim Padfield.

The tour is divided into three sections:
Waterlogged wood